At Cnverg, we have built software that enables analog processes and workflows to be digitized in a persistent space that is accessible in real-time by multiple collaborators. We have positioned this tool to help software development teams refine their visual planning and management strategies during the planning and development phases of their team's sprint. (1 to 2 weeks).

I am curious to learn more about what proven strategies exist to help teams improve their software workflow. A curious knowledge base has led me to research games as contextual scenarios that facilitate teams to introspect on their existing process and whether they are effective and efficient.

In a world reigned by bloatware and the latest gadgets, on top of large scale consumerism and information vortices, it would be nice if simplistic visual matrices, templates, or games that facilitated root cause analysis on different parts of developing software or building products existed.

some games that I have come across thus far:

Keep in mind the point would be to enable simpler versions of these games to be played by small teams to help them uncover their own process in hopes of refining it. (or even throwing it out).

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