We are very excited to announce JIRA Notes is now in Private Beta! JIRA Notes is the latest in our line of productivity integrations, which began with GitHub and Trello.

If you would like to participate in the JIRA Notes Beta Program or learn more about our HipChat integration, please email us at founders@cnverg.com to request an invitation. 

This guide will take you through the steps to set up JIRA Notes. Use the links below to skip ahead or simply read on.

JIRA Notes Overview

JIRA Notes is the simplest way possible to turn an idea into a JIRA issue. Simply right-click on a Note, select Create JIRA Issue, and select which JIRA project to associate. That's it! Once you press OK, a new JIRA issue will be created in the project you selected and the Note will receive a JIRA icon that you can click on to be taken directly to that issue.

Let's look at the steps to link your Cnverg and Atlassian accounts.


Configure Application Link in JIRA

NOTE: You must have Administrative Privileges set up in JIRA in order to configure an Application Link. If you do not have Administrative Privileges, please contact your company admin for help with this section. 

  • In JIRA, select the gear icon in the top-right corner and navigate to the Applications page.



  • Click on Application links in the left-side panel to open the Configure Application Links page.
  • In the text box, type


    and press the Create new link button.




A new dialog will pop up labeled Link applications.

  • In the text field labeled Application Name, enter:


    and press Continue




The new application link will appear in the Application list.




  • Under the column labeled Actions, click on the pencil icon and select Edit. A new dialog will appear titled Configure Cnverg
  • Click on Incoming Authentication in the left-side panel to open the OAuth tab.
  • Set the following values:

Consumer Key:


Consumer Name:


Public Key:

MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAt9lZRpfni6EImK4FHDSn804U+LDQMB6tEOZKkhmzawDuHY7RFnEQ/Hwl0Jb6ttJQmz4bMi93nMiMUFmyHKH7raT/mcDxhX7xu9+hk45rInr6BNOPuBTtdbhVsPq7xm0qHsmmIehEkJAyLkRSwQxDoyQBKVAdE89Zoy1pJ1/CR4us6Ge0R6K/JIU/gWBs4YU+uC1KqDHahjicHdgHc5AdC177pBU9E0CeLFPUqm8MmUu0wTMH/usNBCyTRD/G2ElSVZ9o0Td1khfWRxDor9kTMScH6RgFoU/12YwKYLjR9MMUb44bqQaR/AqJfv0zi8iweL3FhpIKRdVwxRzOc1nY LQIDAQAB

Callback URL:


Save the configuration and you're done! JIRA is now configured to accept the OAuth request from Cnverg. Next, let's set up your Cnverg team to use the JIRA Notes integration.


Configure JIRA Integration in Cnverg

NOTE: You must have Manage Team privileges set up in Cnverg in order to configure the JIRA integration. If you do not have Manage Team privileges, please contact your company admin for help with this section. 

  • In Cnverg, navigate to your Team Settings page and click on the button labeled JIRA.




  • A new dialog will open. Click on the Yes button to continue.




A new section will appear underneath the Integrations section labeled JIRA Organizations.

  • Click on the button labeled Configure Org




  • Give your JIRA Organization an alias.
  • Type in your JIRA Organization Host URL. It will most likely have the format:


  • Press Accept to complete the configuration.
  • Your newly configured JIRA Org will appear in the list (refresh may be required)




  • Open the side panel and navigate to your Account page and click on the Connections tab.
  • You will see all of the JIRA Orgs you configured listed. Click on the Connect button.




  • You will be directed to a JIRA authorization page. Click on Allow.




That's it! You're now ready to use the JIRA Notes integration in Cnverg. Let's take a look at how to do that.


Using JIRA Notes

Creating JIRA Notes in Cnverg is very simple.

  • Create a Note and type something into it.
  • Right-click the Note and then click on the Create JIRA Issue button




  • In the dialog, select the JIRA Project for this issue
  • Add a Description to the issue
  • Click OK to finish




The new issue will automatically be created in the JIRA Project you selected. On the Note, a new JIRA icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner. This Note is now linked with the issue in JIRA. If you hover over the icon, the JIRA issue number will appear and if you click on the icon, you will be taken immediately to the issue page in JIRA.




If you later choose to delete this Note, you will be asked if you want to delete the associated issue in JIRA.




You will note that the JIRA Notes integration is a little more complex to set up than our other integrations. This is because each JIRA Organization is a separate instance with its own dedicated URL. We take your security very seriously at Cnverg and all of these steps are absolutely necessary to secure your data.

If you would like to participate in the JIRA Notes Beta Program, please email us at founders@cnverg.com to request an invitation. 

Over the following months, you will see a ton of additional features added to make our new Teams feature even better. To stay up to date on the latest developments, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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