Milwaukee Consulting Group, MIT, Visual Management

Milwaukee Consulting Group + CNVERG

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deleware, hercules plaza, installation, tenant directory, Visual Management

Hercules Plaza Install

MUNI's latest Interactive Tenant Directory installation at Hercules Plaza, 1313 Market St., Wilmington, DE 19801 for McConnell Johnson Real Estate

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demo day, dream it ventures, Entrepreneurship, pitch, Visually Cnverg

Cnverg: DreamIt Philly 2014 Demo Day

Cnverg is a cloud-based visual collaboration service allowing companies to share and interact with vast amounts of information in real time. Cnverg runs entirely in the browser, works across all major platforms, and fully supports touch and mobile...

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battlefield, disrupt ny, Hacking Cnverg, start up, Visually Cnverg

Cnverg Disrupt Demo Video

Cnverg product demo video for the Disrupt NY 2015 Startup Battlefield application

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architecture, auto card, cnverg, engineering, Hacking Cnverg, solid works

Muni + Auto Cad

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advertising, fun, mcclarens, muni, pool, table, Tips and Tricks

Interactive Pool Table

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cnverg, How-To, tutorial

Cnverg Introductory Video

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4k, How-To, installation, Muni Tech, samsung, screen, tools, touch

Nemour Screen Installation

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